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Der Katzen-Darm: Mit diesen Tipps bleibt deine Katze gesund

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From feeding to immunity, your cat’s gut health plays a major role in their overall health and wellbeing. It can help with digestion and the support of a strong immune system, ensuring that you can focus on enjoying beautiful moments together. Below are 5 simple and effective tips to help you care for the health of your cat’s intestine.

1. A balanced diet

To support your cat's gut health, choosing a well-balanced diet is key. Meals rich in probiotics, for example, are a very good option and one your cat will be grateful for. Receiving the necessary nutrients helps keep their gut healthy which ultimately leads to a stronger immune system and improved overall wellbeing.

The food your cat consumes can have a strong impact on their gut microbiome (microbiota) which is the combination of both good and bad bacteria present in the gut. Chicory, for example is great natural prebiotic for nurturing the good and friendly bacteria from the gut. The growth of good bacteria can also help with digestion.

Another beneficial ingredient in your cat’s food includes the heat-treated lactobacillus, which has been proven to help support natural antibody production in your cat’s intestinal tract.

2. Grooming

Our cats love being pampered! Make the most of it and groom them regularly: not only will you help keep any cat skin problems at bay, but by grooming them you will also help prevent them from ingesting large quantities of hair. Ingesting too much of it can lead to the forming of hairballs which in turn can block their stomachs from emptying.

3. On your marks… Ready? Play!

Stress is a common cause for imbalance in the gut and exercising can be a good tool to help stimulate your cat’s intestine in case of constipation. It can also help keep your cat’s weight and stress levels under control leading to an improved quality of life.

A few minutes of daily exercise with your cat can strengthen your relationship and boost their energy level at the same time.

4. Take it easy

She who goes slowly, goes healthily: cats are particularly sensitive to diet changes and modifications, even when it comes to healthy cat treats. Should you change your pet's food, it is recommended to proceed step by step.

A gradual transition over several days will allow your cat's intestine to get used to the new diet and minimise the impact on your cat's gut health.

5. Water

Our felines, particularly those fed exclusively dry foods, tend not to drink enough water: originating from the desert, they have kept this habit. The lack of sufficient water intake can lead to health risks that impact your cat's gut health.

To encourage your cat to drink more regularly, place some water bowls in various locations in your home, but remember to keep the water away from your pet’s litter box. The water must be fresh and changed at least twice a day. Some cats prefer running water and will love drinking from a running tap: if this is your pet’s case you could choose to use a water fountain.

It's also a good idea to incorporate wet food (can or pouch) into their diets as this will provide more moisture. You can combine it with their favourite dry food.

And remember to keep an eye on your pet’s stools, their coat and their behaviour. Cats do not express discomfort and pain the way we humans do, and they tend to hide when they don’t feel well. Pay attention to any subtle changes in their routine and don’t hesitate to visit your vet whenever you are in doubt about the well-being of your pet.

In a nutshell... caring for your cat by following these simple steps can lead to several benefits. On top of ensuring that they continue living a comfortable life, you also get to help your cat better face challenging situations by providing them with the tools they need to have a healthy gut.

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